Korpo Sea Jazz Shortly

In 1989 we started in a very small scale. Being in Finland it was more like a sauna jam-session. After a couple of years we already were a tree-day-festival with 5-6 possibilities to listen to jazz. Since 2004 the concerts and jam-sessions all together has been around 20 and the festival starting on Wednesday and ending on the early Sunday hours. The size is now still easy the handle by us amateurs!

We have a decision since approximately ten years that we concentrate on jazz-artists from Finland. Furthermore we have a decision to make Korpo Sea Jazz  “a scene for professional jazz-musicians”. We have also defined what we mean with a professional jazz musician.

Korpo is a part of the South-West archipelago of Finland. The concerts are mainly arranged on the Korpo main island but concerts are also hold on the nearby islands, Nagu and Houtskär.

Until 2009 Micke Långbacka had the responsibility for the festival program and since 2009 we have appointed an art-director yearly

2010 Markus Ketola
2011 Jussi Fredriksson
2012 Manuel Dunkel
2013 Marzi Nyman
2014 Riitta Paakki
2015 Mikko Innanen
2016 Mikko Pellinen
2017 Mikko Karjalainen
2018 Teemu Viinikainen
2019 Ville Pynssi

Korpo Sea Jazz is produced by a The Korpo Jazz Association.

COB since 2007 is Bosse Mellberg

More info:

  • bosse(at)framtiden.fi
  • korpojazz(at)gmail.com
  • +358 (0) 40 56 43 975
  • +358 (0) 44 26 37 886

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