Welcome to Korpo Sea Jazz!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this summer’s Korpo Sea Jazz festival has been postponed to the year 2021. New dates have been published, and tickets will be available in the autumn.

Tickets are applicable for returns until 31th of August 2020 via Tiketti. There is a nearly two-month queue as it currently stands – thank you for your patience!

Korpo Sea Jazz is a bold, modern and at times experimental jazz festival and hosts current, high profile Finnish performers, organized since 1989. This intimate island festival invites you to leave the city far behind and experience the true rugged beauty of the archipelago, to get in touch with nature. A chance to enjoy both music and the sun!

Tilaa Archipelago Sea Jazz uutiskirje ja kuulet ensimmäisten joukossa tulevan kesän 2020 festivaaliemme artisteista ja tapahtumista, lippueduista ja muista kulttuuritempauksistamme?